This is a test environment that i did to show set decorating ability. I built everything from life. It is supposed to be an idealized version of my art studio. Would that the real thing was that nice! The messy table is a pretty good approximation of what the table in my art studio looked like at the time.
Because I am working from my home machine, without a render farm, I’ve kept the models fairly low res and I also kept the textures to a minimum for the same reason. I did the lighting as well as the camera animation. I kept the camera animation rather simple mainly so that it wouldn’t draw attention away from the set.

The Concord Coach was a self-assigned modeling project. Of course, it was built to real world scale. I shrunk it down so that I could use it as a tabletop ornament for the set deco scene.

The Burningman and Obelisk I built as a proof of concept to help the Pavilion Designer see his design in 3D. Again, built to real-world scale and shrunk down.

pirates guy
I did lots of different types of work on Pirates including mast replacements and multiple creature render shots. In this shot I lit and rendered this guy.

lifeboats davits
For this shot I built the lifeboats and davits and most of the structures on the top deck.

back deck

upper deck


shanghai 01
For this sequence on MI 3 I did a bunch of stitching of HDR images into very large textures which were then projected onto geometry to create a virtual city. I also TD’d a number of shots.

shanghai 02
More “virtual” Shanghai creation.

chicken little 01
For Chicken Little I did depth grading and 3D compositing.

mask car
For the Mask 2 I photomodeled the car using ILM’s proprietary Zeno software.

lemony train

For Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events I built the train and Tatra car

van helsing
For Van Helsing I built a very comprehensive and large set extension and digital environment

clone fighter 01
For Star Wars Episode III I built the clone fighter

FA 18
For Tears of the Sun I built the FA-18 fighter

brooklyn bridge
For Gangs of New York I built the Brooklyn Bridge

majestic bridge MB
For The Majestic I built the Mercedes-Benz and the bridge

EP I set extension 01

EP I set extension 02

EP I set extension 03

EP I set extension 04

destroyer droid
For Star Wars Episode I, I built numerous set extensions and all digital environments and the Destroyer Droid. I also served as the Location Matchmove Supervisor.