These are pix from my years on location as a matchmove technician. This page will be updated often, so check back for more!

Photos by Keith Hamshere unless otherwise noted
globe woods
Graham “Albert” Hall, Sean Evans, Jack Haye, David Dranitzke

common mark!
Jack Haye with clapperboard

qui-gon lt. kitster skunkman
Liam Neeson, John Knoll, Jack Haye
We were laughing about my hair...

skunkman nyucks anakin
Jack Haye, Jake Lloyd
I think my hair was better than his...

John Knoll, Jayne-Ann Tenggren, GWL, unidentified, Jack Haye, Jon Shenk, Guy Hake, unidentified
Lounging by the pool...
Photo by Jonathan Fisher

euan jack tank
Unknown, Euan Mac Gregor, Jack Haye
Sometimes my job involved swimming...
Photo by Jonathan Fisher

jack laughing in tank
Jack Haye
Sometimes swimming can be fun!
Photo by Jonathan Fisher

jack in tank
Jack Haye
Gotta have those glasses!

gwl globe and chart
GWL, JJB, Jack Haye
Sometimes the boss got in on the action...

jack bridge 02
Jack Haye
Always more reference photos... and I still have that taperoll in the foreground almost 15 years later!

jack polaroid june
Jack Haye, June Prinz, Trevor Coop with back to camera.
And yet *more* reference photos!

jack sean june
Jack Haye, Theodolite, Sean Evans, June Prinz
Location work allows for a small amount of clowning.

jack ungroomed
But not a lot of time for grooming.

leavsden crew photo ME 01
Leavesden Studios Crew Photo. I’m highlighted with a golden glow. ;)

ddroid stairs caserta
Jack Haye, David Dranitzke, robotic friend, Jeffrey Olson
The globe was for lighting reference and the model for scale reference.

jack disto caserta
Jack Haye
Location matchmove work also involves a *lot* of measuring... in this case, using a “disto”

crew photo ME caserta
Crew photo, the Reggia, Caserta near Naples

jack sheesh full res
Jack Haye
Chart for color reference. It was pretty hot in Tunisia and the sun was pretty intense. One of the locals taught me how to tie a “sheesh” and I made use of that knowledge every day!

jack ed ddran
Jack Haye, Ed Cotton, David Dranitzke, unidentified
“SOPWAMTOS” on the shirt stood for “Society Of People Who Actually Make Their Own Shit.

ahmed julie
Ahmed Best being prepped by Julie Wright while Jake Lloyd watches... Photos from here on were taken by Jack Haye

battle droid extras
Extras milling around a Theed Plaza set.

bluescreen 01
Bluescreen showing tracking marks I placed for reference.

camera crew mugging
The camera crew tries to wreck my reference shot. From left, Pete Myslowski, “Albert” Hall and Trevor Coop mug while David Tattersall and Joe Letteri discuss the shot.

GWL fairfax theater
From a promo shoot for National geographic.

jack leavesden disto
Me and the good old Disto at Leavesden. Photo unknown

keith hamshere slate
The tables are turned as I photograph onset photographer Keith Hamshere holding a slate for me. In bg unidentified, Trevor Coop, Pete Myslowski, unidentified and Trisha Biggars.

simon leavesden slate
My good friend Simon Dunsden does the same. In the immediate BG John Duclos from ARRI and behind him in arctic parka Camera Operator Trevor Coop.

rick jackk tunisia
I don’t recall whether the producer was giving me sympathy or advice... or perhaps he was just jealous of my “sheesh”! It was so hot that day that we tried to fry an egg on a plucky little blue and white fella.


starfighter in hanger
Interior hangar shot.

trevor lining shot
Camera crew lining shot. Pete Myslowski dolly grip, Trevor Coop First Camera Operator and Graham “Albert” Hall First Assistant Camera.